Thursday, August 15, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Home Town Edition

My pretty two oldest daughters on a bridge at the Japanese Gardens in Spokane.

My pretty niece, Jay

My pretty niece, Tay

Pretty GG, who will be 103 in October.  I hope I look as good as she does if I reach 103!


My happy boy at Manito Park


Oldest cousin catching a piggy back ride on her youngest cousin's back.

Our nephew disappeared to say, "Hi" to his girlfriend.  My brother and I tracked him down.  I was under orders to embarrass my nephew.  So I did and got some really cute photos of him and his girl friend, who was a really great sport.


Our GG with all of the great grandchildren.  I snapped probably 20 photos of the group and wasn't completely happy with any of them.  Group shots are tough!

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Mary Lenaburg said...

Group shots are tough but at least you've got them. How awesome that you could spend some time with your GG. 103 years old is darn remarkable. Enjoy your time at home.

Marcia said...

Your portrait of the pretty GG is just lovely. The pensive look and the hint of a smile. She is truly blessed to be surrounded by family!