Friday, August 2, 2013

Continued Travel Woes for Oleander

Well, tentatively, Ollie has a ticket on a flight out of Buenos Aires for August 4, arriving in New York early on the 5th.  Travel from South America is chaotic right now. Plus, she no longer has transportation back to Washington DC, as the group she was originally traveling with arrived today and they took the chartered bus back to DC. We are depending on the help of the Sisters from the Provincial House in New York.  I am so thankful they are there helping us and taking such good care of Ollie!

This delay means the almost certain cancellation of our plans to travel to Spokane early next week.  The JayP and Karate Kid put in for vacation weeks ago and cannot change that now.  Our visit was scheduled for the 4th-9th, but with Ollie arriving home so late we are not going to have enough time to make the trip.  I do have a couple ideas in the works and I'm still praying it all works out, but right now I have an entire family of disappointed people.

What matters now is just getting our girl home, safe and sound!

As always, prayers appreciated!

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Katie said...

Praying she gets home soon!