Saturday, August 3, 2013


Wingnut Jr. and I have been doing a little jogging together.  These jogs are pretty enlightening and I learn all kinds of things about my little guy, because his mouth does not stop moving the entire run.  Did you know tigers are the world's biggest cats and not lions?  Most folks think lions are bigger because the males have all that mane going on.

Anyhoo, the little man is working on running a 5k.  He asked me one day if I would get him some Legos if he ran 3 miles.  I thought that was a fair deal and a good goal to work toward and I also thought it would take several weeks.  Boy, I was wrong on that one!  He went from running just a mile each outing to one day saying, "Today, I think I'll run 3 miles." You know what?  He did it, no prob.  It was amazing and glorious.  You know what we talked about during that run?  How much I was willing to spend on Legos if he achieved his goal that day.

Here he is with his two earned Lego sets.  He has his sights set on a pretty spectacular set once he reaches 10K.  

I'm waiting on taking him out on the road for a real run.  He hasn't mastered running without needing to use the bathroom several times each outing which means we are track bound until the bladder is under control. 
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Natalie said...

lol He knew he could do it the whole time but just wanted a tangible reward out of it. Clever little guy!