Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Enchanted Garden

round button chicken


My dad and his wife have an enchanted garden in their backyard.  It is a favorite place the kids want to visit when we are in Spokane.  These are just a few of the numerous grape vines growing all around their garage and fence.

They are hoping to try their hand at a little wine making this fall.

The two of them spend a good portion of their time together going to estate sales and their backyard is full of their found treasures.  

The children could spend hours checking out all the unique items.

This whimsical wind chime is a favorite of mine.


The kids also love my dad's dogs Roxy . . . 


. . . and Izzy.


This is a weed?  I wish we had weeds like this in Utah!

This is also an invasive weed growing around the gardens.  It's too pretty to be one, in my opinion.  The bees absolutely love them.

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Natalie said...

And what's the word on your family getting a dog? =)

Jenny said...

I'm with you, the wind-chime is fun! What a great garden to explore with a friendly lab.

3-2-1 Party

Amy Caroline said...

What a lovely garden. I am hoping to start working on my mine. It needs to a much nicer space!