{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Instagram Edition

round button chicken

I really have enjoyed using Instagram to edit my phone photos.  All of my submissions this week were taken on my phone and then put through Instagram.


I think autumn has to be my favorite season.

Two weekends ago our oldest was home from college and Oleander was in town for a visit with the Novitiate sisters.  We were able to all get together (minus Wingnut who was in Utah for his interview) and I was able to snap a rare shot of all the children together.  I like this photo and might use it for Christmas cards this year.


This shot of Lil' Wingnut peering at me from a playground structure cracked me up.


I wasn't sure if I should use this photo as happy, funny or real.  Real won out.  Lil' Lamb has nearly outgrown baths in the kitchen sink.  He is too splashy, wriggly, and has been trying to stand in the sink. Oh dear, at least he's downright adorable.


*kate said…
I love the little face peeping out too - it is too cute!
What a lovely shot of all the children!
Katie said…
So cute! Love the bath in the sink!
Rosie said…
I love all your photos, but especially the last one - too too cute!
Sarah Oldham said…
LOVE the kids together! If I'm a lucky recipient, that's a pic that would stay on my 'fridge a lifetime! Your kids are a handsome bunch!

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