{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} 10/6

round button chicken


I loved this photo of my pretty baby boy sitting in the morning sunlight.


Nothing makes my boys happier than playing outside. Nothing makes me happier than when the weather is perfect for my boys to play outside :)


Praying Mantis peering down at me from the gutter.


Yes, that is grass in his mouth.  The reality of letting Lil' Lamb play outside is now he puts everything he can grasp into his mouth so we have to watch him like a hawk.


So sweet! He is getting sooo big! Love the "teething bites" shirt too!
Bethanne said…
If he's your Lil' Lamb, he's just grazing. That's what lambs do!
HollyElise said…
AWWW your Lil Lamb is so cute!
Sarah Oldham said…
I want to nibble on that little dude! He's so stinkin' cute!!!!! I am totally digging his shirt, too! And, with regards to your post a few down: I am praying for you guys and your discernment. Please, know that! :)
Maria said…
Looks like a lot of Happy!

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