Not to be too crass, but this is an honest question.  If your sweet little guy were singing the "Hail Mary," absolutely singing his little heart out, while doing his . . . ahem . . . business in the bathroom, what would you do?  Would you tell him it was an inappropriate place to be singing to Mary or would you think praying can and should happen everywhere and during any activity and encourage him or would you just ignore it all together?


Anonymous said…
LOL I would just smile and ignore it. I'm sure Mary got a chuckle out of it too! =)
I would probably leave it alone except to maybe talk to him and let him know you heard him singing to Mary in the bathroom (not mentioning what else was going on in there) and ask what made him want to sing to her? I have a feeling his answer will be along the lines of he loves Mary and wanted to sing to her or something like that. Eventually, he'll figure it out that typically, we don't sing while sitting on the potty, but I just love how little ones can feel that awesome love so much that they are not inhibited in sharing it. It lasts such a short period of time!
Natalie's comment reminded me of somthing my mom once said too, "You notice that there's no stories in the Bible of when Jesus was about three or four. That's probably because he did things like talk out loud in the Temple and all those other things that kids do at that age to embarrass their parents. And Mary didn't want that recorded for posterity and all eternity." I have to admit, I think that might be true!
Jennifer said…
I love it :) I wouldn't say a word.. self conciousness will set in soon enough and you'll lose those little moments. I agree with Natalie, I think Mother Mary probably got a chuckle out of it too.
Michelle said…
Singing about Mary while on the pot is wrong??? ;)
Sarah Oldham said…
Nothing wrong with it at all. At least it wasn't AC/DC, right? Not to be crass myself, but sometimes going is difficult (and I make all sorts of silly promises to change my diet etc. etc.)(LOL) and I pray to God to help me. So, yeah, praying all the time (anywhere) is good.

You will not offend me if you delete this comment (if it's TMI). It's real life, but if it's too much, no hard feelings. Just my two terribly honest cents.
Sarah Oldham said…
BTW, I think singing the "Hail Mary" is praying. That's why I say he was praying/singing? Okay, I need more coffee or to take a nap!
Walt said…
Hey Mau,

As far as I see it the little guy was praying for his "business" to come out in right fashion. There's nothing wrong with asking for some help in that department at times.
Just sayin'.

Love ya Mau


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