Lil' Lamb 8 Months

We cannot believe he is 8 months old already!  It seems he changes every day.  I spend much of my time watching him in fascination as he learns new skills.  He's creeping faster than many babies can crawl.  He's getting up on his knees and making little crawling movements forward and back. He can push back from his stomach onto his bottom into a sitting position. Oh and he's incredibly curious.  It was a challenge to photograph him this morning as he was fascinated with the camera and would come at me as quickly as I got the lens up to snap a photo.

 Here he comes!

 Take a look at those chompers! He's cutting four more as I type.

He's still so cute and fluffy :)


Mary @ Cheerios said…
He's so cute!!! my lil lady is doing the same. We should have a race between them crawling! haa haaa
Our Family said…
Happy 8 Months, Love you.

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