Mauri's Dream House

I suppose for the next few months this blog will be slightly preoccupied with the big move.  We have been house hunting online in Utah ever since we first heard of this job in May.  I've had plenty of time to think and dream about our next house. I even began a Pintrest account to document my ideas.  If I could have everything I ever wanted in a house the following list would be it.

Dream House Mauri 

1) 3 bathrooms, at least 2 must be full baths and the last can be some kind of partial.  Does that sound spoiled?  We have 3 1/2 baths now which is quite luxurious, but there are many occasions, especially Sundays when 3 bathrooms are occupied at the same time.

2) A spacious kitchen with lots of storage space.  I practically live in the kitchen and being one of those moms that loves to cook, this is a definite must.

3) A covered garage that our 12 passenger van will fit in.  It snows a lot in Utah.  I have a feeling clearing vehicles on a daily basis might get pretty old.

4) A walk in pantry; oh that would be sooooo nice!

5) A gas range; I had one once in Oklahoma and I just loved it.  For a foodie like me, a gas range would be absolutely heavenly!

6) Land;  2 or 3 acres would be just about perfect.  We could raise laying hens and plant a good sized garden.  We might even be able to raise a couple goats!

6) A laundry ROOM;  We've had a laundry closet for the last 10 years.  I would love to have a nice room with storage and room for Wingnut's ironing accessories (the man loves to iron).

7) An extra bedroom for guests; we can get away with a 4 or even 3 bedrooms, but having an extra room for visitors would be lovely.

8) A photography studio; the guest room could double for this purpose.  Of all the artistic endeavors I've attempted, photography is something I would really, really love to pursue further. A studio will need lots of natural light, so several windows would be a must.

9) A separate formal living area, office, and family/exercise room; This is actually less than we have now, but we have been spoiled by having so much living space.

10) A walk-in closet; We have one in this house and I love it.

11) A mud room; it would be so nice to have an accessible space to store winter gear, rain gear, and beach gear.

This house would have to fall within our price range and be within reasonable commuting distance from the high school for JayP, the commissary for grocery shopping, the monastery Wingnut has fallen in love with, and Wingnut's new job location.  Obviously I will have to compromise, but it never hurts to dream.


Anonymous said…
Good luck! Mud room and laundry room would be the first two on my list. A large bathroom would be the 3rd followed by walk in closet. House hunting can be so much fun, but also stressing. I hope you have fun finding your new home. =)
Conservamom said…
All those sound like perfectly reasonable things to look for in a house :) A mud room would be a heavenly addition in this house :)Good luck house hunting :)
Katie said…
Out of your list, I would LOVE a mud room . . . tired of muddy feet entering my kitchen all the time!
Richelle said…
Hey there, Maurisa! I just saw from one of your latest blogs that you finally found your dream house, with four more rooms than expected. Are you thinking of getting it revamped? I did. I actually applied for a loan to finance the remodeling of our interior and add some new furniture. It’s worth the try.

Richelle Jelsma
Sara Owens said…
@Richelle: Well, you can really rely on mortgage to pay your home remodeling expenses. You can get a loan option wherein you can purchase a home and make improvements on it at the same time. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry on financing your repair projects too much!

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