{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} 8/18

round button chicken


This time of year the Buddleia Bush is covered in butterflies. I loved the angle of this shot.


Special K designed this little cross stick all by herself and spent an afternoon happily stitching away. I'm pretty impressed with her creativity!


This is my teenage son and his hilarious play on planking. He calls this "deering". I laughed until I cried when I saw this.


This is our sweet Lil' Lamb receiving one of the many nebulized breathing treatments he's needed this past week. Most of the time he was pretty docile and calm. There were a few occasions when he'd just about had it and would have none of the smoking mask. I would then enlist the help of his sisters in entertaining him by singing and dancing so that we could finish treating his wheezing. Poor baby, he was a real trooper this week. God Willing, we'll never have to go through the same ordeal again!


*kate said…
Poor baby! I hope he's feeling better! Your butterfly bush :) is beautiful.
Mrs. Fordyce said…
I have about seven budlea bushes in my garden, and I have not seen a SINGLE butterfly this year! You got a great picture there, they usually flutter away just as I get out my camera! Hope your little guy is better soon!
Linny said…
Poor little fella! Even with a breathing treatment, he looks adorable!
Sarah Oldham said…
Keeping Lil'Lamb in prayer . . . and I must say the deer-ing is hilarious! I had tears in my eyes from laughing. Awesome!

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