Crazy Busy

Wow, we are crazy busy around here this week. We've needed to catch up after our bout with illnesses, emergency room visits, and a brief stint in the hospital for Lil' Lamb. Our oldest leaves for Mount Saint Mary's University on Sunday and she is frantically organizing, reorganizing, packing, storing, and shopping. Next weekend Oleander leaves for the Aspirancy school in Pennsylvania. In the meantime we will be busy getting our stuff together for the upcoming school year and helping some good friends move into their new home. I have posts rolling around in my brain, and hopefully I'll be able to write more next week. I have posts addressing our homeschool plans, how we ended up sending our daughter away to a convent boarding school, as well as lots of photos of the happenings around here. Have a blessed weekend and stay tuned for better blog posting in the near future :)


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