Monday, August 1, 2011

No Rest for the Weary

Thank goodness it is August! I look forward to August every year because it is the one month we take a break from almost all of our activities--no tennis, no piano, no ballet, no flute, no school work etc. It is the month we get caught up on everything we've let slide all year, especially house work. So of course, Lil' Wingnut would get scary sick and need to go to the emergency room which sets off a round of visits to the doctor (he's doing much better, but is taking a course of antibiotics for a bacterial upper respiratory infection). Of course three kids will need to see the orthodontist; three kids will need to have haircuts; three vehicles will be due for oil changes and two kids will be preparing to leave for school. Of course we'll need to attend a retirement, plan two birthdays, and plan a graduation/send off party. Yep, all that house work will just have to wait, darn it. Print Friendly and PDF

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