Friday, August 5, 2011

Lil' Lamb 6 months

It's his very happy 1/2 birthday :)

He is growing and changing so fast. In this last month alone he has begun rolling both directions, reaches and grabs whatever he can (especially shiny, sparkly objects) sits up without support, sits in a high chair and grocery cart, begun babbling "mamamamama", decided he will take a pacifier from time to time (thank you very much), has cut two teeth, has moved from baby bathtub to the kitchen sink for bathtime, and has taken his first tastes of real food (neither bananas nor watermelon struck his fancy).

He's adorable.

And every day he tries on a new funny face. Thank you God for this precious gift!
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bobbi @ revolution of love said...

He is so cute! You just want to kiss those cheeks. :-)

Katie said...

He is so cute!!