The Plan 2011/2012

And so another school year is upon us. I love reading what other folks use for homeschooling. I am assuming other homeschoolers are interested in what we use, right?

This year we are down two students--one off to college and the other off to a private convent school--and we are adding one more. I can't believe Lil' Wingnut is ready for school! Actually he should be pretty easy seeing as he is already reading at a 3rd grade level. The challenge will be to keep him interested and on task.

Unusual or newer curriculum are linked so that you might peruse them. Hopefully as the year progresses, I will post on our progress and satisfaction with our plan.

Lil' Wingnut: Kindergarten/1st grade

Math: Saxon 1 (Saxon works and so we have stuck with it throughout our homeschooling career)

Reading/Language Arts: Explode the Code 3, 31/2 and 4; What Do You Like to Do?; Getty-Dubay Handwriting A; Faith and Freedom Readers 2-2, 3-1 and 3-2

History: Medieval and Renaissance Europe alongside his older sisters; we use a literature and chronological approach and so will use all sorts of sources including appropriate titles from Learning Through History Magazine.

Science/Health: Behold and See 4; Lil' Wingnut and Special K have developed a keen interest in the human body so we are going to capitalize on that!

Music: Instruments and Composers; I will be using the San Francisco Symphony's website as well as Carnival of the Animals and Peter and the Wolf audio recordings

Religion: Saint of the Day, daily prayers, and our wonderful parish CCD program

Special K (4th grade)

Math: Saxon 5/4

Language Arts: Seton English 4; Spelling Power; Getty-Dubay Handwriting E; Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4; Historical fiction and fairytales; Favorite Poetry Lessons; 50 Writing Lessons that Work

History: Medieval and Renaissance Europe; Maps Charts and Graphs E

Science: Behold and See 4; Human Anatomy and Health

Music: Private piano lessons

Art: Teach Me to Draw DVD series

Religion: Saint of the Day, Magnifikid, Seton Religion 4 and CCD

Skoshi A (7th grade)

Math: Algebra 1/2

Language Arts: Seton English 7; Hewitt Lightening Lit and Comp 7; Spelling Power; WriteShop; Vocabulary from Classical Roots A; Historical fiction; typing/keyboarding using Mavis Beacon

Science/Health: The Universe in My Hands (this is a new science curriculum for us, but I thought it was a perfect fit for Skoshi A)

Music: Private piano lessons

Religion: Saint of the Day; Magnifikid; Seton Religion 7; CCD
Lil' Lamb is needing my attention making it necessary for me to save our high school plan for JayP for a future post.


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