Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} 6/16/2011

round button chicken


Oleander and I have been craving coconut cream pie. We've discussed for weeks now the different options in creating such a pie without using conventional dairy due to all the dairy allergics we have in our house. Tuesday we went into our favorite specialty bakery for some croissants and saw these pretty little coconut cream tarts. Believe me, these were as scrumptious as they were pretty.


Saturday we made the trek to the convent and future IVE Aspirancy school in Avondale. While Wingnut, Oleander and I were interviewed, Sister Sacre Monte took these three out onto the convent grounds and played with them. Sister is new to the convent, having just arrived from Argentina, and speaks very little English. Apparently the language barrier wasn't a barrier at all and the four of them had an absolute blast.


This dopey look gets me every time. I swear this baby is the funniest and most photogenic baby we've had to date.


Yeah, the garden is just not happening this year. :(
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Tonya said...

Ummm, is that really A in that picture? She is getting TALL!!! I always think of her as this petite little girl. Guess I'll have to try and change that image! And Lil Lamb is too cute. I do hope we get to see you in August!!!

Sarah Oldham said...

Love that baby! He does make some pretty incredible faces, doesn't he??

Maia said...

So sweet! And thanks for posting {real}...I feel like that is the state of EVERYTHING around here these days!