Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Legacy: Part 1

Late in 1967 a young woman reached out to her estranged mother for help and was turned away.

"You've made your bed, now lie in it," she was told.

In her sorrow and abandonment, the young woman poured out her burden to her friend, Sandra. Where was she to go? What was she to do? Too sick to work. Too broke to stay where she was. Wanting to help, Sandra went to her mother, Jane. Jane, in turn, went to her sister, Marsinah and the two wasted no time in putting a plan into action. Jane and Marsinah went to the troubled young woman.

"We are planning a wedding and we could really use some help around Marsinah's house. Could you come? You could stay at Marsinah's house and be of great use to us during this incredibly busy time."

The young woman, who had been cast aside all her life, could not believe the love being poured out upon her. She gladly accepted the offer "to help". Several months later, a baby girl was born to the young woman. This baby girl was greatly cherished and grew up surrounded by love. Over the years and even today, her mother reminds her, "God has something great planned for you, just because you are here."

22 years later, Marsinah was present at the precious baby girl's own wedding, my wedding. Their charity to my mother is the legacy of love I carry. They are the reason I say to my own children, "God has something great planned for you, just because you are here."

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Mary @ Cheerios said...

Beautiful. *tear*
What a wonderful story-thanks for sharing!
Great reminder of how our charity of others can changed a life (or 2!!!)
God bless,

Sarah Oldham said...

I just love love love your beautiful soul!!!!

Party of Nine said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

maxbrucewell said...

Thanks to Marsinah Cantwell's love
God's continued blessings to you Maurisa!
Believe in miracles, believe in angels!
Love Dad

Katie said...

What a beautiful story!