Friday, June 3, 2011

Appearances are not Everything

Lil' Wingnut and his best buddy were playing a little b-ball last night. They were totally cracking me up with all their rules about who last touched the ball, who fouled, and who slam dunked on whom. Funny, for all their rules, there wasn't a single rule that involved dribbling the ball.

Here the two were having a conversation about their favorite NBA heroes. Lil' Wingnut claimed, "I'm Lebron James!"

"You can't be Lebron James. You're white! Lebron James is brown, like me."

"I still want to be Lebron James."

"Ok, you can be the white Lebron James, " his friend conceded.

Is there anything cuter?

There was a bit of fouling going on throughout the game.

I had to snap this obligatory shot of my little guy's sweet little face.
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Katie said...

Those are cute photos!

Walt said...

Well...if Lil Wingster can be the White Lebron then I can be the bald John Wayne!!!