Sunday, June 19, 2011

Love Legacy: Part 2

During my mother's pregnancy, she struck up a friendship with a young man. The young man felt great tenderness for the abandoned young pregnant woman and stayed by her side through the remainder of her pregnancy. When I was finally born, he was there at the hospital waiting to meet me.

As my mother tells it, the young man fell instantly in love and in his elation and compassion at my arrival, he decided to claim me as his own. Every child deserves a mother and a father, and that is why my birth certificate bears his name as father. Later he married my mother and together they happily raised our family.

My mother gave me life under the most difficult of circumstances, and that is a gift I truly cherish, but my dad gave me an identity and a family that loved me unconditionally. Thank you, Dad! Not in a million lifetimes could I have asked for a better father, a more enchanted childhood, nor a more loving family. Happy Father's Day to the most giving, loving, and joy filled man I know. I love you!
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Anonymous said...

So touching, so tender... Thank you, Maurisa, for sharing such a beautiful testimony to the hope and promise of each soul - because of God's love and desire for each one. Blessings to you & yours. MV

Tonya said...

Wow, this is something I didn't know about you!!! What a great story. Your Dad is a wonderful man. You are truly blessed!

Katie said...

Maurisa, this is so beautiful! What an amazing and loving father you have!

Our Family said...

You tell the story so beautifully! I am in tears.

Our Family said...

You tell the story so beautifully! I am in tears.