Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Up

We are finishing up the school year here. It's been a disappointing year. I wasn't able to meet all the goals I had for the year for many reasons, but thankfully there is always next year. Most everyone is finished with the exception of a few odds and ends. Oleander and JayP are finishing up their respective Kolbe science curricula. JayP has several weeks of history and religion left (that's what happens when books are misplaced for weeks on end). Special K has about 15 lessons left in math, but we've set that aside to work on memorizing the multiplication tables. I put a lovely little program on my iPad for her that helps her drill, memorize, and pick up speed. When she has her facts down pat, we'll do a couple lessons a week in math over the summer until the book is completed. Really, this is a great idea as she won't lose skills over the summer because she'll be practicing them off and on over those three months.

I'll likely be homeschooling two fewer students next year. Karate Kid is heading to college and we are almost certainly sending Oleander to an aspirancy school run by the Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará. Oleander feels she needs to take these next four years of high school and spend them in discernment. She's feeling a very strong pull toward the consecrated life. The aspirancy school is designed just for that purpose; prayer and discernment, free from all the distractions of a modern teenage life. This is what she desires. We're here to support her as needed.

Wingnut is rapidly approaching retirement from the Air Force, so he's been hard at work tweaking his resumé and filling out applications. We're trying to stay close, especially with our two older girls in school within two hours of where we live now. The thought of having to get the house ready for a move and having to move from our friends and parish here sends me into a panic. The best option would be for Wingnut to get a corporate flying job that will allow him to commute. That way we can take our time selling the house, if so desired, and we can hopefully choose our dream location down the road, so to speak.

Lil' Lamb continues to pack on the pounds and the personality. He has a really wonderful disposition. He's begun grabbing at objects and he's constantly "talking" to anyone that will listen. I wish I could find diapers that will contain him, especially at night. I wake most mornings to a soaked baby, a soaked me, and a soaked bed. I finally broke down and put his big bum in size 3 diapers to see if that might help. Oh, he still hates the car seat. It makes for pretty miserable driving conditions.

Lil' Wingnut has a friend over for the day, never mind the 4 year age difference. They are having a blast playing wiffle ball. He's ecstatic to finally have a "good" pitcher. I think there are plans for a bit 'o Wii play later in the day.

You'll notice I've figured out how to put accents in words using my keyboard. That brings a smile to my face. It drives me crazy when I find or have pointed out errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation on the blog. I very rarely get real computer time and I often can't correct errors from my phone or iPad, so they just stay there, mocking me until I can run one of the teens off Cityville. My worst offenses lately: "mellow drama" for "melodrama" and placing commas after "is". Annoying!

Well I'm off. Lil' Lamb has had a containment issue! Print Friendly and PDF


Katie said...

We are doing math over the sumemr too!

I am so excited to hear about Oleander! I remember you mentioning it before. I hope that she has a blessed time at their school! And I really hope you stay around here a bit longer!

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

I've been hearing a lot of moms not exactly thrilled with the way their school year is ending...not sure what to make of that or if it's reassuring or troubling to hear.

It sounds like Oleander is going to be doing what is best for her right now and that is very important.

Blessings for Wingnut's career opportunities and a stress-free move.

Natalie said...

Oh, you better be careful with that wiffle ball. Check out the link I posted on Facebook and you'll see why. =)

Sounds like you've got a good plan for summer and I hope everything goes well. =)

Dawn said...

A little summer school is always good :). We will be doing the same here. Have a wonderful summer!