Friday, May 20, 2011

The Jumping Bean

It's parents' observation week at the ballet studio. On Monday I was able to watch Skoshi A in her class. She was excited for me to see some of her choreography, as each of the girls was allowed to choreograph one routine. She's known to be quite a jumper in ballet. The girls all laugh at her ability to jump higher than anyone else and still be ahead in the music. I was able to get a few shots off with the camera and when I got home I found that nearly 3/4 of the shots had our little jumping bean in the air.

Here is a lovely sissone.

Here is a soubresaut. I love the stretched feet. So pretty.

And battu. Check out the height!

Échappé sauté. I would love if anyone could coach me in how to add French accents into my keyboarding.

Uh oh! I've been caught.
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Michelle said...

I can't remember all the French accents (it's been 20 years), but try typing ALT with the following numbers: 130, 136, 138. This is how they look (in order): é, ê, è.

And, she is beautiful. Love the jumps.

Maurisa said...

Thanks Michelle, but if you recall, we are Mac addicts in this house. I was able to find the Mac keyboard accents by doing a google search. I shouldn't have been so lazy in the first place. :)

Sophie Miriam said...

Ok, Blogger ate my comment, so let me try again. I should warn you that these directions are quite vague because I am working from memory of my boyfriend's Mac.

Somewhere in your computer settings (I assume it's in the Mac equivalent of the Windows control panel; I just don't know what it's called) you have the option to display alternate keyboards. You can pick from a big long list of keyboards, such as German, French, Greek, etc. After you add another keyboard, a little box that says "EN" (for English) will appear in the upper right (?) corner of your screen. You can then click on it and switch to an alternate keyboard, and your computer will think you're typing from a French (or whatever) keyboard.