Thursday, May 12, 2011

Small Successes: May 12, 2011

There's a new host in town for Small Successes. Check out Chocolate for Your Brain and leave your link for your Small Successes this week.

1) Managed to find the time to take my boys for a haircut. JayP has been bugging me for several weeks now. It was nice to have some time with my 3 boys. They had their hair trimmed, I treated them to lunch, and we popped over to Best Buy and bought a birthday gift for JayP's friend.

2) I've been working on taking more time for little conversations with the Lord this week. Lil' Lamb's nap schedule is really helpful in this aspect as I usually take him to my sanctuary/room to nurse and rock him to sleep. I have my Magnificat and other spiritual readings sitting on the table right next to my rocking chair. I've been working my way through a new book on the Ignatian Daily Examen. It's incredibly interesting and I've begun employing some of the aspects of Ignatian prayer into my spiritual life. I've really been desiring to have a more meditative and meaningful prayer life. I can feel the graces at work already.

3) Wingnut has been craving pie lately. I am not in a position right now in which time consuming and labor intensive pie making is really possible, but I can make a quick crisp. Hearing his desire for a strawberry rhubarb pie last evening, and recalling I had some rhubarb in the freezer, I made a slightly over-sweet, but appreciated rhubarb crisp for my love.
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