Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Menu

Thrown in with all of the Nutcracker performances this week, we will take a day to pause and give thanks for all the gifts God has given us. One of these gifts our family has been blessed with is an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at the home of some dear friends :)

Nevertheless, our kids are tradition freaks and will only be happy if they can cook up the dishes they traditionally provide on our own Thanksgiving table. So, with assurance that we are not stepping on anyone's toes, my older three children will be making many of the side dishes and two of the younger children will be making pies.

Here are the traditional Thanksgiving dishes our children just cannot celebrate without:

Statnut will be assembling this Sweet Potato Casserole and has promised to NOT double the candy-like topping.

Oleander makes her own Cranberry Sauce recipe, utilizing orange juice, orange zest, and freshly grated ginger.

Skoshi A's favorite pie is pecan and she will be making The Pioneer Woman's perfected Pecan Pie.

Special K is making pumpkin pie using homemade pumpkin puree and the graham cracker crust seen on Pumpkin Pie Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

I'll be making Cook's Illustrated's Cherry Pie and The Pioneer Woman's Nantucket Cranberry Pie--we've got at least 16 people, possible 20, so we need a lot of pie!

P.S. All the links link directly to a recipe with the exception of the Cook's Illustrated Recipes. Their recipes are copyright protected and one needs to be a member to access them online. If you see a recipe from Cook's that intrigues you, just email me at mamamayerleatmacdotcom and I can send it to you via email. Happy cooking!
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Party of Nine said...

I know where you're going!! We are going to stalk you and your pie :)

Katie said...

Wow! That's alot of pie! I am going to check out the pumpkin pie recipe . . . I have tons of homemade puree that I need to use!