Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nutcracker 2010

As if life weren't busy enough, we had to throw the Nutcracker into the midst, once again. Skoshi A auditioned in late September and was chosen to play a toy soldier for the Joffrey Ballet's production at the Kennedy Center. Performances ran all last week, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day. She had a marvelous time and enjoyed meeting up with friends she has made over the last three years. Every evening she had fabulous and funny tales to tell of the antics on and off stage. The Joffrey's professional dancers were exceptionally kind and friendly to the children. It was truly sweet to see these world class dancers interacting with children, signing autographs, taking photos, bestowing gifts of worn out point shoes and ballet slippers, and tossing some of the younger dancers around. It was a joy to be a part of this particular cast.

I scored $5 education tickets for Lil' Wingnut and I for the working dress rehearsal. This was his first Nutcracker and he was incredibly excited to see his sister in action. He did great, until about halfway through the second act when eye rolling and "Good grief, not another dance!" ensued.

Skoshi A before her first performance in front of a marquis.

Toy Soldier costumes lined up and ready to go.

Skoshi A in costume. From the audience the costumes look spectacular. Up close, one can see the ravages of 25 years of Nutcracker performances.

Toy Soldier salute.
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Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

How cute she is! Love the costumes and a wonderful oppurtunity to work with the Joffrey. I got to be one of Mother Ginger's children in a small local performance one year totally unexpected. I didn't audition because my mom couldn't drive me to all the rehearsals, but a girl broke her leg the week before opening night (fell down a flight of stairs) and one of my dance teachers was in the production and taught me on her own time the dance and brought me to all the rehearsals. Exhausting yes! Rewarding, you betcha!

Our Family said...

Also, I've just started my own little blog - feel welcome to check it out! Thanks! Mrs Allen