Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small Successes

Small Successes for November 4, 2010:

1) Oleander has an annual flute competition she enters each year. This year she had to record two pieces of music, which her flute instructor so kindly sent to me in an email attachment. Although the recording is not due until next Wednesday, I, with the help of the much more computer literate Wingnut, managed to paste together her two pieces and successfully uploaded them to the contest site a full week early.

2) I spent a good portion of some found free time updating and redesigning the blog. I was also able to write several posts that will auto-post over the next few days.

3) Although it was not a holy day of obligation this year, Wingnut and I took the family to the National Shrine in DC for Mass on All Saints Day. We went expecting to enjoy a simple daily Mass, but imagine our joy when we learned the Mass was to be celebrated by the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Pieto Sambi. We had the pleasure of experiencing a High Mass in the Upper Church with a full choir, incense, bells, and a fantastic homily! The celebration was a full hour and a half, but the kids were all wonderfully behaved--even with bellies full of sugar from the festivities the night before.

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Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Mass sounds wonderful! Great week!

Nicole said...

I love #1--I have not heard of such competitions. What a world we live in! Good luck to Oleander!

Envious of #3--I missed not only our very low-key All Saints Day Mass but also our Faure requiem High Mass on All Souls Day. I'm learning to pray more instead of the daily masses I miss during the week (all of them) but I still feel a twinge of sadness.

Great successes!

Our Family said...

We went to the Shrine also, and GMAC asked me if Little Wingnut was going to be there. We went to 5pm, since that was the only Mass my hubby could go to.

momto5minnies said...

Looks good (the blog). I really need to find my inner blogging voice. My added 20 hour a week job is really messing with it ;)

When are you going to share a baby belly pic?