Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Small Successes: An Ode to my Dirt Devil

Small Successes for November 11, 2010:

1) I have been on the prowl for a good canister vacuum for the multitude of stairs in this house, as well as a machine that will get into all the cracks and crevices. I think we found a winner, a Dirt Devil Easy Lite Canister. I have gone crazy with this vacuum. The cracks, crevices, stairs, hard wood floors, door jams, vents, have all been vacuumed. We pulled out the kitchen appliances and vacuumed behind and under the refrigerator and stove. I could not believe what a wonderful job it did around the base of the toilets! It has a telescoping wand, brush and crevice tool attachments, and it is bagless. I love my new Dirt Devil!

2) For art this year, the three girls and I are working our way through Sewing with Saint Anne, or at least we are supposed to be working our way through Sewing with Saint Anne. I've really been slacking. I love the idea of art, but do not enjoy doing said art. This week, we broke out the actual sewing machine and tackled a long promised project. Skoshi A and Special K were so excited to use the sewing machine. They made two scented sachets each and had an absolute blast. We had so much fun, I'm truly looking forward to pulling out my Janome next week for our next project.

3) Lil' Wingnut has been missing his big brother and his daddy while they have been on their Roman pilgrimage. Poor little guy hasn't been able to play football, baseball, or basketball all week. I have made a point of spending time tossing pitches to our little slugger, for which he as been very appreciative. He's constantly telling me what a great pitcher I am. My brother would be completely shocked at my skills. No really, I can throw a mean wiffle ball.

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Elise said...

Isn't it great what having boys can do for us girly-girls? I can't say I'm much of a pitcher, but I'm great at collecting animals and animal remains (if you ever need to know how to clean up a bunch of bones, I'm your gal!)

JJ's Mom said...

Nice list! I have to say - I'm jealous of anyone taking a Roman pilgrimage. My husband and I met in Rome while studying abroad...

Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

I love that you found a good vacuum. Seriously, I get really excited about vacuums with two heavily shedding dogs (not to mention the three children and the husband who can track in an enormous amount of dirt for a grown up!). Love to hear about your pitching skills! I have been "catcher" for my three-year-old who throws all strikes. And hard! I think my husband will be his only catcher when we graduate to "real" balls!

Mary said...

Yea for #1. I love the book your using in #2. I just started teaching a friends little girls. It such a great resource. Have fun!