Thursday, October 28, 2010

Small Successes: I'm Back

I have been pretty inconsistent in posting lately. It's been a combination of things including but not limited to; pregnancy completely wearing me out, having to fight for computer time with our dual enrolled high school/college student, and we have just been incredibly busy. I am back, at least for today :)

Small Successes for October 28, 2010

1) The glass storm door was in need of some fingerprint removal. While I was at it, I removed nose prints from the entryway windows too.

2) After several weeks of being incredibly behind in the laundry, we are finally caught up. I was nearly devoured by the laundry monster, but for today, he is vanquished.

3) The younger children and I tackled the pit of despair, otherwise known as the basement. In general, I avoid entering the basement at all costs. It is just too overwhelming and depressing to see the absolute chaos that it is very often left in. Unfortunately, the basement is where I store all our homeschooling materials not currently in use and I needed a couple books from the drama/art box. If Mom needs a book from the basement, she's going to see what a mess it is down there. Chances are, if she sees the mess, she's going to want to clean it. Once everything is off the floor and put away, she'll ask for the vacuum. She vacuums like a mad woman . . .

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Sarah Oldham said...

My room can be a pit of despair . . . I'm going to try and tackle it this weekend. I planned on doing it this week, one box a day, but it never happened 'cos life gets in the way . . . but I hate coming in here - it's stressful.

Mary said...

LOL! My laundry room is the pit of despair...or is it my office! Too many rooms to chose from.

Great list of successes! Enjoy your weekend!

Tonya said...

I've missed your posts! Glad you tackled the basement. I remember that pit and exactly what happens when you finally venture down there. :-)