Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the Style of Beatrix Potter

Special K found our sweet miniature copies of some of the Beatrix Potter books and brought a couple along with her on our vacation to Florida this summer. She raved about the tales and pined that we didn't own more of them. On a trip to the bookstore I came across an anthology edition of Miss Potter's stories, and it was on sale. Of course I picked it up for our little Special K and she was beyond thrilled. The compilation is still her favorite bedtime read.

This past week she spent several hours writing her own bunny tales after the style of Beatrix Potter. They were so cute I had to post at least one of the stories here. Special K is a creative speller, so I will place spelling translations in parenthesis for ease of understanding. I've also added more punctuation--she is only in the third grade afterall ;)

Once upon a time there were three bunnys. Their names were Peter, Mary and Flopsy. They lived with there (their) mother and there (their) father in a hole. They were going to pick carrots but when they got there they so (saw) Mr. Marymen picking carrot and onions. They dug a hole under the gate and whent (went) to the carrots and took a bag and fild (filled) it whith (with) carrots and whent (went) to the onions but when they got there one ov (of) them, Mary, got cot (caught) by Mr. Marymen. All the bunnys ran to there (their) mother and told her whot (what) hapened (happened) to Mary and whent (went) to get her back. When they got to the gate thay (they) so (saw) a sack. Somthing (something) whos (was) ciking (kicking) it. And the tow (two) bunnys and there (their) mother climd (climbed) the gate and on tide (untied) the sace and popt (popped) owt (out) Mary. "Mary!" Thay (they) crid (cried). "Thank you for saveing (saving) me. I whos (was) going to be cookd (cooked) into a pie." "Come on!" they crid (cried) and climd (climbed) down the gate and ran home into the hole and they cookd (cooked) a carrot soop (soup) and carrot cake. The End.
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Natalie said...

This made me smile. =)

Mary said...

Awe! That is great-nice job K! These small books are our favorites too and we read Tom Kitten today w/my 2 little boys and they love them too!!!
What is her favorite book?
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios