Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Barista

Skoshi A has become a master espresso/cortadito/frappachino/latte maker. Truly this is an accomplishment, as we have one of those fairly complicated professional machines made by Pasquini. She has become the preferred barista around here, and quite frankly I'm about to smack her for all the taunting she directs at me with her perfect little cups of beautiful thick crema.

Wait a moment. . . what am I complaining about? If Skoshi does all the barista duties around here, that is one less thing I have to do. Brew away little girl! Brew away!
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Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Smack Angelina the Ballerina??? How could you ever think of such a thing. That would be equivelant to me ever wanting to smack Sawyer...well...not Sawyer...Jaylee...well not her either...ummmm...Abby...wwweeeellllok that might be stretching it. All I can say is if you want to smack her you are drinking way too much of her product. Maybe you should go with decaf for a few days until you are not so tightly strung!

Love Ya Mau


Sarah Oldham said...


Tonya said...

I SO need to come over and have a cup!

Sarah Oldham said...

Next time I come visit, I will have to order a cuppa and will she wear those totally rockin' specs when she makes it? ;)