Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ringer

Once a year, our teens' youth group hosts a family night. This year families competed in a scarecrow building contest. We brought gear from home, including the blue Tarheel fanatic wig. Unfortunately, the contest required that our scarecrow resemble our faithful monsignor, who does not happen to sport a beautiful head of blue hair. Undaunted, we pressed on and stuffed our mascot, made him a rosary and a pectoral cross to wear, little hoping we would win the contest.

Each family was then given the opportunity to describe their finished project. As the judges approached our handiwork, Lil' Wingnut gave details in the construction of our scarecrow, finishing with giving him a huge hug, thus ending the competition with cuteness. Who could deny us the win now? And so our blue haired, rosary praying, monsignor took the prize and Lil' Wingnut was sent home with a bagful of delicious carmel apples. Nothing beats an adorable four year old.
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