Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Saints Costume Ideas 2010

Like many Catholic families, we often have to come up with two separate costumes this time of year; one for Halloween and one for All Saints. Thankfully, we have a fully stocked dress-up box, and Oleander, one of our teens, is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the vast numbers of Saints to choose from. She can either turn a current Halloween costume into a Saint costume, or pull together a Saint costume from the dress-up box.

This year, only three of our six were free to join the Servants of the Lord for their annual All Saint's Party. More photos of the festivities will follow next week.
Oleander has an affinity for the Saints of Asia. This year she was Our Lady of Lavang from Vietnam. She had all the components for her costume with the exception of the hat which I discovered in a party store.

Special K went as Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. This was a costume from our supply that works perfectly for this Saint.

Lil' Wingnut's current obsession is with Davy Crockett. We took his costume for Halloween and matched it to Saint Jean LaLande, a lay companion of Saint Isaac Jogues.
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