Thursday, October 1, 2009

Small but Significant

This week's Small Successes:

1) We survived an incredibly busy weekend: Friday--Science Center, AAU Orientation; Saturday--CCD, Oratory with the nuns, grocery shopping; Sunday--Mass, ballet rehearsal, youth group; Plus we managed to fit in all three of our P90X workouts. I was so glad Monday came around.

2) If you fly with the Flylady, we were in the bedroom this week. I managed to wash all our bedding, between the 12 other loads of laundry we had this week. I love clean sheets!

3) As of today, we've successfully completed four weeks of school. It's going pretty well, with very little wailing and gnashing of teeth. I think the tone for the year has been set and we should have a wonderfully successful year.

Have any small successes? Head on over to Faith and Family Live and leave your link!
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1 comment:

ViolinMama said...

I'm still playing catch up here today....thanks for sharing your week's better moments! They brighten my day!!! Much love!