Fall Fotos 2009

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, yesterday. It was incredibly muddy. I hate mud. I pretty much nagged the kids to grab their pumpkins so we could get out of there. Too bad I was in such a hurry. I usually get some lovely photos there. I do like this one of Lil' Wingnut running to the pumpkin cottage.

I felt bad about hurrying the kids away from the pumpkin patch, so when we got home I made it up to them by helping them make Halloween colored pumpkin balls. I bought these natural vegetable based dyes from The Natural Candy Store, when I purchased our Halloween candy. Should Halloween be capitalized?

The balls did not turn the shade of orange I wanted, but they did come out to be a lovely light orange. No matter, the kids had fun and thought they were delicious. I got the recipe here.

The kids spent the rest of the afternoon raking leaves and jumping into piles. Lil' Wingnut had a blast doing that, as long as the girls didn't bury him afterward. Picky, picky.


Dawn said…
we are definitely trying those popcorn balls. I know the kids would love 'em. Thanks for sharing. Love Lil' Wingnut in the leaves. Great picture.
The Panda said…
"Should halloween be capitalized?"
Yes (think Thanksgiving, think Grandparents Day).

A fun leaf game: One person (the Tornado) gets buried in leaves, and then everyone else either goes a little ways away or stays around the pile (I forget--it's been a while since I played). Then the person under the leaves roars "TORNADO!" and bursts up to chase everyone. The Tornado tries to catch people before they get to base; if he/she does, the caught person is the next Tornado.

~The Panda
Maurisa said…
Thank you, Panda. I thought it should be, but then I thought, well it's kind of a lesser holiday ;-) I've gone through and fixed my grammar. LOL

I'll have to explain that game to my kids, unless they read the comments today. I think they'd enjoy that one!
Anonymous said…
I hate mud too. Yuck!
Party of Eleven said…
We went to that pumpkin patch for the first time last week-end and the kids had a fun time following the "clues" around the farm. We will be sure to re-visit that place next year! My kids were jumping in the leaves and biking through them today!
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I LuV mUd and there is nothing lesser about Halloween...my apologies to the Panda for my grammer!

Love ya Mau,

Your Bro!

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