Get Your Sunny D!

I do not want to get into a vaccine debate here. I get enough of it from my mom, a nurse. I will say a couple things about our family and vaccinations:

1) We do not vaccinate our children. We have several reasons for having made this choice, and believe me it is not an easy decision to make or stick with. We have been questioned at every turn by family, friends, and medical professionals. One of our children had a frightening reaction to the DPT vaccination and that was enough to make us question immunizations altogether.

2) Wingnut is required to be vaccinated fully by the military. He is the only family member to get the flu every single year. The rest of us have had the flu once or twice in 16 years. This, of course, is anecdotal evidence. That is why I was so excited to see this video posted by a friend on Facebook.

3) I've always sent modestly sick kids outside to get the cold cooked out of them. It seems my thinking wasn't too far off base. Getting a few minutes of sunshine every day just may keep the flu away.


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