Cute and Chubby? No Health Coverage for You!

Baby Wingnut at 4 months old and weighing a whopping 17 pounds.

I honestly thought this story was a joke. Of course it isn't. 5 of our 6 children would also have been denied health coverage at 4 months old using this ridiculous criteria.

So, I'm guessing this is a "pro-Obamacare" story about how insurance companies are wreaking havoc on the American people and their health care choices and how badly we need to reform the whole system. Agreed. I just don't want the government involved. Do we really think government healthcare is going to be better about insuring tubby tots? No, we don't!


Tonya said…
Josiah was 23 pounds at 6 months. He's only 28 pounds at 3-1/2! :-) DENIED.
Sarah - Kala said…
SB (the oldest) is a skinny toothpick now and under the bars of normal, but at four months he was 20 plus pounds. He was off the charts big. I never in my wildest dreams thought he would be a late bloomer, but he is. DENIED>

He is healthy, though.
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I am not worried about the government running our healthcare because we have the most efficient and non-wasteful government in the world. Do you see them wasting space??? NO! They use every inch given, or taken by imminent domain. Do you see them wasting money??? NEVER! They spend every dime given to them and then...a few trillion more! You could say they are proactively staying away from wasting any money...ours and our childrens'. How about time...Congress spends less time in session than a fat man takes to eat a pie. They don't want to waste any of their or our time working in chambers when they could be out rubbing elbows with their constituency! If they spend any more time in session think of all the wasted hours you would have watching the most riveting show on TV...C-SPAN! It could be more intersting if they spent more hours together...we could see some kind of fistacuffs that you see in the Parliment in Singapore. It would be awesome to see Olympia Snow go toe to toe with Patty Murray to see what coast was better!

Love Ya Mau

Your Bro!

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