Make 'Em Laugh

My blogging buddy and real life chum, Sam, usually makes her Monday blog post a family movie review. Today I'm joining her and posting about a gem of a genre our family just discovered (or would it be re-discovered?), silent comedies, especially Buster Keaton silent comedies. Wingnut just happened to come across Sherlock Jr. while it was airing on TCM a few weeks ago. A couple of our kids came traipsing into the living room to check out what we were giggling about. Seeing they seemed a bit interested, we invited the rest of the kiddos to join us.

Buster Keaton was a comedic genius. It was impressive to see how physically expressive actors had to be to pull off silent comedy, and Buster Keaton had to be one of the best. I was surprised that all of our children were able to follow the story line, but best of all was the laughter. Skoshi A practically fell out her seat laughing over Keaton's high jinks. Really I don't think there is a cuter sound than that of children's laughter. I think we'll be renting more Buster Keaton in the near future.


Teresa said…
You should definitely watch The General. It's one of the funniest Buster Keaton movies.
maxbrucewell said…
Good stuff!
Love the Grand Max Paw
Sarah - Kala said…
I love Buster films. Haven't seen one in a really long time!
Inch said…
Thanks we will try to get it on Netflix

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