Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

12:15 am the phone rings.  Baby Wingnut and I are in a deep coma.  In my sleep I'm thinking, "Who is this rude person calling me?  Wait a minute, Wingnut is traveling, it must be him."  I am able to rouse myself from my coma (I know, it's a miracle) and answer the phone.  It is Wingnut. He says something sweet that I'm unable to process (remember I'm recovering from my coma). And this is where "stupid, stupid, stupid" comes in. . . I respond with "You are aware of what time it is here?"  What kind of wife am I?  He of course felt terrible for calling so late.  The conversation was short.  I'm sure he wanted me to be able to get right back to sleep, but I felt so terrible for not being gracious that I couldn't get back to sleep.

Sorry sweetie, I really do appreciate that you called.  You are awesome!  I love and miss you!


Tonya said…
One time my cousin's husband came in late from a TDY and went to kiss her, while she was sleeping. She broke his nose when she hit him. :-)

Now do you feel better? At least you didn't break anything!

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