The Games We Play

Aren't toddlers just the cutest?  I love their little personalities and the sweet games they create. Our little guy has two games he absolutely loves to play.  

The first one we call, "See you later mama."  This game needs one of those plastic, kid size, cars made by Little Tykes.  Baby Wingnut gets in and then out of the car and comes running to mama.  He gives mama a big hug and a kiss, while saying, "See you later mama.  Have fun!" He then runs back to the car and repeats.  Baby Wingnut will play this game for at least half an hour and I get at least two dozen hugs and kisses.

The second game is, "Faster, Baby Wingnut, Faster," and it has a very specific script.  Baby Wingnut watched the track and field portion of the Olympic trials and picked up some of his techniques from watching the athletes.  He begins crouched down at a wall with his heels pressed against the floorboards and his hands on the floor in front of him (try picturing a runner in his starting blocks and that is what Baby Wingnut was going for).  Our script begins with, "Ready, Set, Go!" and Baby Wingnut pops up and begins running toward us.  As he is running we are required to cheer, "Faster, Baby Wingnut, Faster!" Then we all cheer, "Hooray! You did it!"  If we fail to cheer, he collapses on the floor in tears, repeating for us what we were supposed to say.  Following his script is very important.

I just love his imaginativeness!


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