Celebrating the Pauline Year

Our wonderful parish priest suggested in his homily several weeks ago that we should tackle reading The Acts of the Apostles in honor of the Pauline Year.  Of course, my brain immediately began churning, thinking of the possibilities for the coming school year.  I thought, this would be a perfect idea for teaching religion to the kids this year and a great opportunity for Wingnut and I to increase our knowledge of this great Saint.  Once home I began searching for resources to supplement reading the Bible text. My search came up with the following resources:

The First Christians--The Acts of the Apostles for Children: I'll be using this as a read aloud for my younger children and for independent reading for my older students

Navarre Bible Commentary-- The Acts of the Apostles and The Letters of Saint Paul: Wingnut and I will read these as well as our high schooler

Pauline Timeline: Steven Ray of Defenders of the Catholic Faith has a great FREE and DOWNLOADABLE timeline.

Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions:  Wingnut's mom thought this would be great for our homeschool.  I think I've mentioned before, she is a wise woman!  We've used this great resource in many of our studies of the Old Testament and Ancient History.  This book contains a general timeline, four maps of Paul's journeys and a chart on the doctrinal emphases in the letters of Saint Paul as well as countless other maps, charts, graphs, etc.

Other Resources: Our Sunday Visitor has a great webpage with tons of resources for celebrating the Year of Saint Paul on their website. Pauline Spirit has several books and a coloring book for children that look promising.


Anonymous said…
I AM SENDING MIMI your resources!!! We are doing St. Paul for VBS next year!!! And we will be making some of your yummy muffins!!!+JMJ+sam

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