{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} August 6


I planted sunflowers this year and they are beginning to bloom.  The plan is to dry them, once they have seeds, and feed the entire seed heads to the chickens as treats throughout the long winter.


One of our favorite recreations around here is tubing down the river.  The kids have an absolute blast.


So, did you hear about the blue moon?  Well, come to find out, a blue moon isn't really blue at all.  It is just the occurrence of a second full moon within a calendar month.  They don't happen super often and that is where we get the phrase, "once in a blue moon."  The moon was really just a yellowish color so I used my editing software to give it the blue cast seen here.


The boys and I discovered this creepy albino praying mantis. Shudder.

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Chere Mama said…
Hi Maurisa!
Love your sunflower. It is in such a cool light. I also want to jump into that river right now and join you!!
Have a great week!
Tubing down the river looks like so much fun!!!
Jennie C. said…
Good luck with the sunflowers! We tried that one year, but the birds got to them before harvest time.

I thought the whole blue moon thing was pretty funny. Everybody was posting pictures and saying, "Look how beautiful the blue moon is!" In reality, it looked just like every other full moon, but I guess most of us don't take the time to notice. :-)

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