{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} August 20


We grew a new variety of Cosmos in one of the flower beds this year.  I think Cosmos are my new favorite flower.

This is the variety we planted last year and it went to seed.  We have Cosmos coming out our ears and it is lovely!


Our sweet Angela turned 16 this week.  It was all about the food for her.  For breakfast she requested crepes with lemon curd filling.

For dinner it was ham and apple stromboli

and the cake was chocolate cherry with chocolate frosting and chocolate dipped cherries on top.


What is it about boys and sticks?  They seem to find them and collect them no matter where we go.


This is not a sunset.  This is the smoke from all the wild fires in neighboring states.  The air is thick with haze and smoke.  

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Dawn said…
What a great birthday menu. What a lot of smoke! I hope the fires are out soon.
Blessings, Dawn
Chere Mama said…
That crepe looks so beautiful! Happy birthday to Angela!!
I agree about sticks..I used to find them in the van all the time.
Marcia said…
I like that smile on your stick collector's face :-)
Unknown said…
The flowers are beautiful! I haven't had Stromboli in years. And crepes?! Wow, hats off to you! There is something so fascinating about nature....it's neat how it's a universal place of adventure.

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