Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} October 2


Utah has been covered with these lovely wild sunflowers for several months.


I took the kids to the local renaissance fair just south of Salt Lake.  There was a very nice falconry exhibit staffed with very knowledgeable handlers.  They had falcons, hawks, owls, and eagles that have all been hand raised and trained to hunt for their owners.  I absolutely loved the cockeyed angle on this hood wearing hawk.


We've had an unusual amount of rain this summer/fall.  Our little guy loves to wear his happy little rain boots to stomp around in the puddles.


We've also had an unusual number of praying mantis this summer/fall.  We just step out onto our porch and see at least one climbing the rocks or stucco.  They are creepy, but we know they are extremely beneficial in keeping down the surge in other insects whose benefits are questionable, if not nonexistent! (Is that a double negative?)

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