Monday, October 13, 2014

10 Prayer Requests: Or Let's Lift Each Other in Prayer

It is an honor to be asked by so many of our friends and family to pray for their intentions.  When I receive a prayer request I say a quick "Hail Mary" for that intention and then I try to lift that same request in prayer as often as it pops into my head.  Unfortunately, recalling prayer requests after the initial "Hail Mary" does not happen as frequently as I would like.  I'm a spiritual slacker when it comes to spontaneous prayer.  A blessed few requests might receive a single decade of our family rosary later in the day.  A blessed few might receive a thought and a quick prayer in the wee hours when I have insomnia.  I'd like to remedy my negligence and what better way than to solicit help from you?  Today I will list 10 prayer requests; some are my own and some are intentions I've received from others.  If you feel drawn, select one or two or ten and please add them to your intentions.  If you have intentions you'd like prayer support for, list them in the comments and I will do my best, with the help of God's Grace, to pray for your intentions throughout the rest of this week.  Thank you in advance for your prayers!

1) Please pray for my adult children as they struggle with growing pains.  Both are trying to make their way in this world with varying degrees of success and failure.  Both are questioning the faith in which they were raised.  Both keep me up in the wee hours with worry.

2) Please pray for our Oleander as she nears a very big decision regarding a vocation to the religious life.  She will graduate from High School this December and is looking to enter the postulancy sometime between January and March of 2015.

3) Please pray for our friends Peter and Katie as they travel to China to finalize the adoption and finally bring home their daughter Felicity.

4) Please pray for our dear friends the Godparents, having just announced the impending arrival of their 7th blessing.  Godmother is struggling with severe exhaustion and morning sickness.  Pray for her strength and comfort!

5) Please pray for the repose of the soul of Leslie Chenet, the father of dear friends of ours.

6) Please pray for the Lenaburg family as they travel the last journey with their declining special needs daughter, Courtney.  Their's is a story that everyone should read.  It is a phenomenal journey Our Lord has asked them to take and they have done it so beautifully and faithfully.

7) Please pray for the repose of the soul of Timothy Nauman, and for the comfort of his lovely wife Mary.

8) Please pray for the mother of our friend Tiffany, who has an incurable type of leukemia and has really struggled with the chemo they are using to give her just a few more months.

9) Please pray for our godson, Freddie, who underwent corrective eye surgery in late September.

10) Please pray a prayer of Thanksgiving for our dear friend, Sam, who through the intercession of the Infant of Prague, was completely healed of Lymes Disease! Print Friendly and PDF

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