Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Who Knew Little League Could be so Intense?

Wingnut Jr. loves baseball.  He's been butterflying pitches to himself since he was three years old.  One of the great things about living in this community is that there are enough kids to warrant our own sports leagues.  This year our community had enough 6-10 year olds interested in baseball to fill 16 machine pitch teams.  From late May through the end of June they kids have one practice and one game a week.  The first week in July they have a two day playoff tournament.  Our team finished the season in 4th place and when the playoffs began something set off a spark in them that practically exploded until they ended up winning the tournament.

While it was fun to watch.  It was also unfortunate to see so many of the parents get way too emotional and vocal as the tournament wore on.  At one point it became so intense Ben's coach had to come out and remind parents that this was just Little League and this was just for fun.  Little League machine pitch has a few different rules from straight up baseball and it can get confusing and the umpiring did leave a little bit to be desired, but I think some parents forgot the umpires in our league are just teenagers and the players are just little kids.

 I'm more than a little worried the intensity will only get worse as the kids progress through later phases of Little League.

Wingnut and I used the experience to pass on a little good sportsmanship lessons to Wingnut Jr.  Baseball is a great sport and can and should be a lot of fun.  Period.

Playing Catcher

In two years of machine pitch, Wingnut Jr. has struck out only one time.  Most at bats he hits the very first pitch.  He is a solid contact hitter.

Boy, does he ever love that bobble head trophy.

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Anonymous said...

The next "Sultan of Swat". Tell him godfather is real proud. I'll bring my glove next time.