Friday, July 18, 2014

Even More Shenanigans from Maurisa

So,  I've wanted to join the church choir for years.  Now that the tyrant king is three and is pretty well behaved at Mass, I've taken the chance and joined our choir three weeks ago.  It's been awesome!  I've been learning chant and chant notation--super cool!

I had no delusions of grandeur in joining.  I just wanted to lend my voice to a pretty decent choir and just be part of the group.  Unfortunately, that is not to be.  Our two regular responsorial psalm cantors did not make it to rehearsal on Thursday.  The choir director asked if I'd be interested in trying it out. Uh.

Thankfully, this week's responsorial isn't super complicated.  I've been drilling and rehearsing like a nut. My copy of the Psalm is all marked up with notations and instructions to myself.   I am so nervous, but I think this will be good for me.  I would appreciate any prayers this direction on Sunday.  I don't want to be so nervous I mess it all up!  Saint Cecilia, pray for me!

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