Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} July 24

round button chicken


We planted so many new flowers this year.  It's been fun watching them bloom.  Wingnut Jr. planted cosmos in early June and was so excited to see they are finally blooming.  We have white . . . 

. . . and fuchsia.

I love to photo graph these flowers, known as Lucifer Crocosmia.  Special K planted them two years ago. They are super cool to watch grow and bloom and also a very fun subject to photograph.  I love experimenting with DOF (depth of field) and POV (point of view) with these beauties.


The bees are happily popping from one flower to the next collecting pollen and nectar.


Wingnut Jr. got his hands on my Canon and started snapping shots, and so I joined in and snapped a few shots of him snapping shots. ;)

For some reason I just love this silly shot he took of me and his little brother in the background.


I've been taking a series of photos of the life cycle of this Dahlia for my 365 Project.  She was lovely in her glory, but she is definitely fading quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mau. Love the shots. Just so happens we have all 3 flowers, also.
The one flower, Lucifer Crocosmia, my family used to call(pardon the lang.),satan's stick. Until an old priest friend told my dad, "just change it".
So, now, we call it St. Michael's Stick. Problem solved. Ours are orange, btw. Take care.
The godfather

Maurisa said...

Excellent! We shall call them Saint Michael's stick too. Maybe it will stick!

Victoria DePalma said...
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