Thursday, July 3, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} July 2

round button chicken


I made these festive and patriotic wreaths for our front door.  I just love, love, love my red doors!


On top of winning his Little League tournament, Wingnut Jr. began scouts this week.  His very first day of scouts was a day camp in the mountains.  He had so much fun.  He shot a BB gun, a bow and arrow, and a sling shot.  He canoed, made a craft, and went through a super cool obstacle course.  He learned about different trees and what to do in case of "leaves of three" and he bought a pocket knife.  Hmmm, usually we make our kids wait until they are about twelve before we let them have a knife.  Should we let him keep it?


This little guy has had a very busy week.  I forgot to mention he turned eight and got to have his very first non family sleep over with his very best buddy.  They were absolutely adorable.  Can I say that about 8 year olds?


I've decided to refinish/paint our poor kitchen table and chairs.  I had to scrub and sand off 15 years worth of sticky food, glitter glue, fabric paint, and markers one afternoon.

And spray with the first of two coats of Kilz Primer another afternoon.  I'll spray one more coat of primer and then the girls and I will paint them a lovely shade of hunter green satin.  I should get several more years of use out of them when we are finished.  I'll be sure to post final photos here, hopefully next week.

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