Thursday, April 17, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Holy Week 2014

round button chicken


This will likely be the last of the tree blossoms from Ogden.  They were at peak on Palm Sunday.  We  are still waiting on trees to bloom here in the valley.


My asparagus is up and nearly ready for some harvesting.  This is nearly a month earlier than last year, and because I did such a good job weeding last summer, I am able to see where each plant is this spring!


The Arbor Day Society offered me free trees for joining their "club".  My trees arrived this week and I was a little taken aback that they were not much more than 1/2 to 1 foot tall each!  I planted 9 Colorado Blue Spruce in a temporary "nursery".  It will two years before they are ready to be transplanted to their permanent location.  It's quite alright.  I really need to plan ahead before selecting a permanent spot for each tree.  2 years should be just enough time for me to figure it out.


Holy Week is upon us.  It's my favorite liturgical season.  We are hoping to attend the Triduum this year in full. Hope y'all have a very holy week.

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