Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Demo--Now We're Having Fun

The exterior guys arrived Saturday and began demo on the front of the house.  Oh, do I have tales to tell, but that will need to wait for a separate post.  Let's just say, these subcontractors left a lot to be desired and our main contractor will be hearing about it.

The front entrance--on Monday they removed the rock veneer beneath both windows as well as the rest of the stucco.  

You can see we have extensive water damage beneath the stucco and rock veneer.

All of the exterior sheeting needed to be removed due to the mold seen here.

East side of the entry.

West side of the entry.

We are down to 22 days for this project to be completed inside and out.  Insulation was blown in today and hopefully dry wall goes up Wednesday.  Our flooring guy delivers wood on Friday for install on Monday.  All the floors will need to be sanded and finished once before painting the walls and then again after painting.  I have no idea when the exterior guys return to replace rock and re-apply stucco.  This is a nail biter!

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