Thursday, April 10, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Finally Spring

round button chicken


The trees are in full bloom in Ogden.  We have a few more weeks out here in the mountain valley before our trees burst into bloom.  These are on the trees surrounding our parish property.

I had a bit of fun with some post processing adding some light leak.  I love the ethereal effect.


This is the historic building of Ogden High School.  I have admired the art deco detailing since we moved here and have always wanted to photograph the building.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful school building?


My girls confiscated my camera and took a few candid and silly shots of each other.

I love how I'm in the background not oblivious to the girls snapping away.


Lil' Lamb was my little helper the other day.  Helping me plant 70+ bulbs and then watering for me.  He decided the veggie garden needed a soak too.  Unfortunately, there is nothing to water except the weeds so far.  I'm hoping we hook up the tiller to the Husqvarna this weekend and work the soil for early spring planting.

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