Friday, May 3, 2013

What Was in the Box

Several weeks ago I had a favorites giveaway here on the blog.  It took a few weeks to get in touch with my winners and then a few more days to mail out their package.  In case you were wondering, here are the favorites I packed away in that box and shipped off to winners Annie and Paul.

I discovered Elizabeth Gaskell several years ago after having read every Jane Austen work I could lay my hands on.  Ruth is by far my favorite novel of Mrs. Gaskell; a beautiful story of motherly love, christian charity, forgiveness and redemption.

It's a good thing these confections are only available during Lent and for a few days after Easter.  My figure would never forgive me if I had these around too often.

I've always loved cooking, but my passion really sky-rocketed when a dear friend introduced me to the Cook's Illustrated family almost 18 years ago.  Their recipes are tried and true and steeped in good food science.

I love, love, love these soaps and lotions!  I have to hide the lotion from my girls because they love them too.

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Katie said...

I LOVE Cadbury mini eggs!!